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EnviroCal Pipeline Inspection Solutions officially started the journey in 2007. When starting out, we had one aim, and that was to come up with straightforward solutions to complex problems leveraging the latest technologies to provide the Industry's best ILI Inspection in the Industry.

Over the years, we have manufactured unique ILI Inspection Tools, and we are continually pushing our R&D limits to keep providing the best Solution in the Industry. Want to connect with us? Or, Have a query? Simply use the Live Chat Feature or use The Contact Form.

A New Path to InLine Inspection


Manufactured by EnviroCal

- Best GO-NOGO Solution
- Economical & Revolutionary pricing model
- High Reliablity
- 35% Collapsibility
- 1.5D Back to Back bends
- Zero Mobilization fees

RS-Caliper is the solution to Pre-ILI, ILI, Go-NoGo inspection, Baseline Survey, and all your Geometry Inspection Needs. Have a pipeline without data, and want a component inventory? No problem, it can be done too. Learn more about RS-Caliper.


Manufactured by EnviroCal

- Direct Wall Contact Geometry Sensors
- Built on Robust RS-Caliper platform
- IMU Mapping capable
- Optional Field Technician

RS-Deformation inspection tool combines the effectiveness of conventional deformation tools with the unique and robust RS-Caliper system. As a result, it can adapt with On-The-Wall geometry measurement in ultra-long pipelines transporting low-viscosity products such as NGL and Gasoline. Optional Pipeline Mapping can also be done via this product. Learn More about RS-Deformation.


Manufactured by EnviroCal

- Highest and Constant signal strength through entire life
- Buy it for the price you rent
- Lower financial liability
- Available in three different sizes

RS-Transmitters is the world's first disposable transmitter. Our technology allows drastically reducing the costs since you can buy at the price you rent. RS-Transmitters are available in three different sizes. Learn more about RS-Transmitters.

The EnviroCal Application

Created & Developed By EnviroCal

The days of technicians using one kind of traditional tool and handling data via 3rd party software are gone. No more costly overheads and management hassle because EnviroCal covers it all!

We have developed our own software that can easily be used to download the data from our tools via USB interface and use the same software to upload the data securely to our servers for further analysis. We send you laptops with pre-installed software, and all the accessories necessary to operate the tool in the field.


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