About Us

EnviroCal started the journey in 2007. It has been our focus from the very beginning to find simpler solutions to complex Pipeline Inspection Problems leveraging the latest technology with time tested Smart Pigs.

  • EnviroCal Established
    EnviroCal is established with a focus on coming up with simple solutions to complex problems for the Pipeline Inspection Industry. From our experience, we knew there was a lot that could be done to make sure that we reach the Zero Incident goal of the industry. Though some might argue whether Zero Incident is possible, we were confident from the beginning that we could play a huge role in saving the Environment from avoidable disasters and enhance the asset life in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy Industry.
  • RS-Caliper line of tools released
    After several years of R&D, EnviroCal released RS-Caliper line of tools as its first offering. Environmentalist and other organizations are more concerned now than ever about the Environment. But we kept this in mind since the launch of our company and this was a big step towards ensuring a healthier environment and increased asset life. This is because we were ahead of the time and came up with a revolutionary way of measuring the most accurate Pipeline Inspection data.
  • EnviroCal Got the In-Line Inspection Patent
    By this time EnviroCal had developed another innovative breakthrough which meant we required a patent to secure this invention. That’s why we patented our In-Line inspection system which sharply reduced inspections cost. You can find out more info about the patent here.
  • RS-Caliper HD Tools Released
    Originally intended to be a “Smart Gauge,” RS-Caliper evolved into a fully capable Pipeline Geometry Inspection Tool with the release of RS-Caliper HD Tools in 2013. It was another notable milestone and another step forward towards impeccable Pipeline Inspection solutions.
  • RS-Caliper Completed over 1200 Inspection
    RS-Caliper Completed over 1200 inspections with a cumulative inspection length of over 25,000 miles. This figure is a testimony to its popularity and effectiveness.
  • RS-Deformation Tools Released
    In 2015, EnviroCal released RS-Deformation, its newest offering. RS-Deformation has the highest channel count and true 100% or more pipe wall coverage. All of EnviroCal’s inspection tools is incorporated with one of a kind Operation Model System, translating to monumental cost savings.
  • RS-Deep Water Tools Released
    As part of the growing technological advancements, EnviroCal released RS-Deep Water tools in 2016.
  • Mapping Capabilities Integrated to RS-tools
  • Disposable Caliper Concept Introduced
  • FlexALL and Omni(Cleaning and Batch Pigs) Launched
  • RS-Eddy Tools Released
    As part of the growing technological advancements, EnviroCal released RS-Eddy tools in 2020.
  • Dent & Bend Strain Analysis
  • MFL Technology (To be released)

EnviroCal continues its R&D efforts on new technology and is expecting to release advanced inspection technologies as they develop.

EnviroCal conducts inspections all over the world with a physical presence in India to cater to the Eastern Hemisphere. EnviroCal has its headquarters in Houston, Texas.