Our System

Leveraging latest developments in technology combined with conservative design principles, EnviroCal offers its inspection tools without a technician. This methodology translates directly into extensive costs savings for our clients. At the heart of this innovative operation model system lie our Inspection Tools. The equipment along with all accessories necessary to operate the tool in the field are shipped to the client through a commercial shipper as per the client’s request.


- Requires no installation
- User can start tool recording prior to inspection; stop recording after inspection
- Instantly see the tool recorded distance in the pipeline with other vital information
- Easy upload of data to EnviroCal’s secure server for immediate analyst reports


The EnviroCal system results in an average cost savings in excess of 30% as against running a pig with a technician. In case of project delays, the cost is a fraction of the normal stand-by rates. Currently EnviroCal executes 70% of its projects using this methodology across all its major clients.

Leveraging latest developments in technology