Manufactured by EnviroCal

– Best GO-NOGO Solution

– High Reliability

– 35% Collapsibility

– 1.5D Back to Back bends

– Zero Mobilization fees

RS-Caliper is the solution to Pre-ILI, ILI, Go-NoGo Inspection, Baseline Survey, and all your Geometry Inspection Needs. Have a pipeline without data, and want a component inventory? No problem, it can be done too. Learn more about RS-Caliper.


Manufactured by EnviroCal

– Direct Wall Contact Geometry Sensors
– Built on Robust RS-Caliper platform
– IMU Mapping capable

RS-Deformation inspection tool combines the effectiveness of conventional deformation tools with a unique and robust RS-Caliper system. As a result, it can adapt with On-The-Wall geometry measurement in ultra-long pipelines transporting low-viscosity products such as NGL and Gasoline. Optional Pipeline Mapping can also be done via this product. Learn More about RS-Deformation.

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Envirocal products-RS-Transmitters


Manufactured by EnviroCal

– Highest and Constant signal strength through the entire life.
– Buy it for the price you rent
– Lower financial liability

RS-Transmitters are the world’s first disposable transmitter in the Pipeline Inspection Industry. It’s available in three sizes and it’s one of the three Industry-leading products manufactured by EnviroCal. Learn more about RS-Transmitters.