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Debris Mapping

We bring the most reliable services at the most affordable cost, using up-to-date and easy-to-read data for timely and practical dissemination. Part of our suite of services includes state-of-the-art debris mapping that allows you to manage your pipelines most efficiently.

  • PRE-ILI: Detection of debris to the scale of 1mm for a thorough process.
  • Cleaning: We establish an estimate in cleaning volume to suit the cleaning-required level, so you don’t pay more than you need.

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Geometry Inspection

EnviroCal’s, ‘Go, No Go’ feature allows for the detection of the thread parameter, which won’t need a separate test for the individual parameter of threads. This creates for time and cost-effective testing.

  • High Collapsibility – Up to 35%
  • 3″ thru 48″
  • Short radius and Miter bend capability
  • Wide speed range – 0.1 mph to 28 mph

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Envirocal Service Geometry-dent_side
XYZ Mapping-Envirocal Service

XYZ (Mapping)

It is perfect for monitoring any pipeline displacement and for the calculation of bending strain. If your project requires some excavation this system will show you exactly where you need to go. This is all available on EnviroCal’s, ‘Run on your own’ model.

  • Latitude and Longitude for pipeline features
  • Right off way identification
  • Elevation Profile

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Dent and Bend Strain Analysis

Dent Strain

EnviroCal’s strain analysis provides a deeper understanding of the possible pressure reducing events associated with dent features. The top 5 strains are included with all high-resolution deformation and IMU reports at no additional charge.

Bend Strain

EnviroCal’s High-resolution deformation and IMU reports provide a means to monitor pipeline displacement by utilizing bend strain analysis. The early identification of bending strain on a pipeline can be critical in identifying potential pressure-reducing events before they occur. Due to the importance of this early identification, EnviroCal will be including the top 5 bending strains with all of their high-resolution deformation and IMU reports.

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