Geometry Inspection

Envirocal Service Geometry-dent_side

EnviroCal’s, ‘Go, No Go’ feature allows for detection of the thread parameter, which won’t need a separate test for the individual parameter of threads. This creates for time and cost-effective testing. Our unpiggable line features allow us to inspect where others are unable to, helping you reach those annoying nooks and crannies that negatively affect your project.

Curvy pipes? No problem. We have Mitre bend capability all available with a wide range of flow speeds. These flow speeds can be anywhere between 0.1 and 28MPH, providing variation for your needs. Need a chemical resistant seal? We have Viton in stock as well as other exotic materials including Butadiene, high-temp PI, and PEEK. Here at EnviroCal, we stock the tools for any pipeline inspection job there is, it is our passion after all. Anything from Petrochemicals to Anhydrous Ammonia, don’t worry. We already have it.

Take a look at the list below for our total list of features and applications:

  • Go NoGo
  • Hi-Resolution Geometry
  • New Construction baseline
  • Strain analysis
  • Unpiggable line feature listing
  • Segments List

  • High Collapsibility - Up to 35%
  • A wide range of products - Petrochemicals, Sour and Anhydrous Ammonia
  • Low pressure environments - Air, Water as low as 30 PSI Head
  • Exotic material options - Viton, Butadiene, high-temp PI, PEEK
  • Wide speed range - 0.1 mph to 28 mph
  • Dual and Triple diameter configurations
  • Short radius and Miter bend capability
  • Run on your own model
  • 3" thru 48"
  • Various Dataset options